John Zumbo
Memorial Scholarship
Assisting students headed for careers in health
The mission of the John D. Zumbo Memorial
Scholarship Fund is to keep John’s passion for
fitness and nutrition alive into the future; to
encourage high school seniors to broaden and
develop their skills while displaying the zest for
life that John so lovingly did every day of his life;
and to honor the memory of John and his
accomplishments through future students’
Our goal is to award a scholarship(s) annually to
a senior(s) from Greenwich High School who will
be attending college and will be pursuing higher
education with an interest in a fitness or
health-related course of study, including physical
therapy, medicine, nutrition, sports training, or
other supportive fields.  

All contributions go directly to the John D. Zumbo
Memorial Scholarship Fund c/o of the (GSA)
Greenwich Scholarship Association.

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