John's Story

John Zumbo was born in Greenwich, CT, and died in a tragic automobile accident on July 7,
2006 at the age of 28. He owned a very successful training and nutritional counseling
businesses in Greenwich called “John Zumbo’s Physique Transformations LLC” and “Elite
Fitness Professionals." In 1995, John decided to turn his life around by taking control of his
poor health and setting a weight loss goal of 130 pounds, which he accomplished in three
years. John authored a fitness book entitled
“Step Up! Get Fit!…Tricks and Tips to Shape a
New You"
which will be available on our website.  He then went on to have a nationally
syndicated fitness radio segment, entitled “Zumbo’s Hardcore Health Minute,” which was part
of the news radio show "Big World Central." As a trainer, John was able to motivate, inspire,
and empathize with his clients because of his own personal health accomplishments. His
roster of clients included models, pro athletes, power lifters, bodybuilders, children, pregnant
women, elderly, and high school and college athletes. He was a personal chef for many of this
clients and helped some of them lose as much as 220 pounds! He often taught adult continuing
education classes entitled "The Fitness Truth with John Zumbo" in the Fairfield County area.

John Zumbo
Memorial Scholarship
Assisting students headed for careers in health

John held degrees in Human Development and Psychology from Norwalk Community College and UCONN, as well as
certifications in Fitness Training, Nutrition, and Sports supplementation. His future plans included establishing his own
personal training studio in his hometown of Greenwich.
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